Acid Stain Concrete

Stain-Crete is a deeply penetrating, acid-based stain that can be used to color old concrete or new concrete that has cured for 28 days. Stain-Crete chemically reacts with cured concrete to provide a distinctive, permanent color with a subtly shaded marbled effect, similar to the aged appearance of natural stone. Stain-Crete’s rich variegated finish will not peel, crack, chip or fade. Stain-Crete provides a terrific custom look and is ideal for residential, commercial or municipal applications including masonry surfaces, basement floors, garage floors, driveways, entryways, masonry walls, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, walkways as well as restaurants, mail entrances, hotels and showrooms.

Stain-Crete provides a stain-resistant surface that is impervious to salts and salt spray, alkali, ultraviolet rays and abrasion. The Stain-Crete surface is easy to maintain and can be cleaned by sweeping, washing with commercial floor cleaners, then polishing with a clean cloth or mop. A periodic application of floor wax will ease cleaning and add luster. Periodic reapplication of sealer is recommended when surfaces are subject to high pedestrian and vehicular traffic.